Damit ist es dann nun auch offiziell.
Auf der Hauptseite von kann man nun über dem eigentlichen Content eine Meldung des Betreibers finden.

GeoCheck hacked!

Unfortunately, I have just learned, that has been hacked. The entire database has been downloaded, including cache solutions and hashed passwords.

The passwords are hashed, so they are fairly secure, especially for longer or more complex passwords. However, to be sure, it is recommended for everyone to change their passwords. If you use the same password at or other sites, I recommend changing them there as well. Additional security surrounding the passwords have been implemented going forward. Further, the vulnerability used to hack the site has been plugged.

A file has been released on the Internet with about 27.000 cache solutions. Of those about 50% comes from, the rest originate from somewhere else – exactly where is unknown at the moment.

To reiterate: The entire database has been downloaded, including all the cache solutions from That means that there are still a lot of solutions downloaded that hasn’t been published publicly (yet). Though sites hosting the file containing the leaked solutions have been contacted to try to force the sites to retract them, past experience unfortunately dictates that once data is in the wild it is hard/impossible to obliterate.

Words cannot express how sorry I am for this to happen – and how astounded I am of the time and ressources unscrupulous hackers will dedicate to hacking a site supporting the simple innocent pastime that is Geocaching – without any possibility of financial gain or glory. In an age where government sites and large corporations are hacked as a matter of course, providing bulletproof and complete protection for hobby projects such as GeoCheck has proven to be very difficult.

I can only appeal to the better nature of geocachers worldwide and earnestly implore folks to not use the coordinates to cheat – but instead acknowledge the time and effort cache owners have dedicated to creating interesting and ingenious puzzles.

Once again, I am very sorry for this to happen!

Samuel AKA iChicken

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Das was die letzten Tage nun schon durch alle gängigen Blogs und Facebook-Gruppen als Vermutung geisterte ist somit dann bestätigt.
Eine persönliche Wertung des ganzen spare ich mir mal. Das können andere gerne machen.

Ich ergänze an dieser Stelle noch die Kurzzusammenfassung von Fwrs and Mtn,
welche es ganz gut auf den Punkt bringt:

Der Administrator hat gerade herausgefunden, dass gehacked wurde. Da die Passwörter als Hash hinterlegt (also verschlüsselt) wurden, sind diese recht sicher. Trotzdem sollten sie geändert werden. 50% der Lösungen aus der Cache-Datenbank stammen wohl von Es wurden aber alle Daten heruntergeladen, d.h. es fehlt noch einiges, was noch nicht veröffentlicht wurde. Er entschuldigt sich vielmals und ruft alle Geocacher auf sich nicht der geleakten Daten zu bedienen.

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